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I have a couple of questions:

  • There has been some talk of regional pay in the NHS – certain types of job (nurses, porters, cleaners, midwives) will be paid less in a poorer area than a richer area. Crudely put, that will mean that somebody in parts of the South of England being paid more than somebody in parts of the North or Midlands. Oh, except certain managers, who will apparently be exempted from this proposed rule. Leaving aside a discussion about the merits of this idea, I have to ask – if this comes to pass, why should Ministers and MPs not be subject to similar arrangements? After all, they are supposed to spend a large part of their time in their constituencies, many of which will be poorer areas. Perversely, considering it is a Government idea, I would bet that this would disproportionally affect Labour MPs – although no doubt Tory MPs in some rural seats would be caught up in it too.
  • Which leads me to the idea of performance related pay for teachers. Now, I have no issue with bad teachers being dealt with. But – yeah, these guys are in the firing line again – why should this not apply to our representatives too? Such metrics as the timeliness of letter answering, the truthfulness of expense claims, surgery availability and attendance times at the House of Commons could be part of the assessment. Something tells me that somebody somewhere would point out why this could never, ever work.

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