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Scandinavian TV seems all the rage at the moment on BBC4.* First, to my knowledge, was Wallander. Then, The Killing – series 1 and 2. Series 1 in particular I liked a lot. Later, there was Borgen – not my thing really, but … anyway, now there is The Bridge, a crime drama set in Denmark and Sweden. It is too early after just two episodes to say whether it will turn out to be a classic – so many of the disparate plot elements are not interconnected yet – but I will certainly keep watching.

It shares that occasional grittiness (grimness?) with The Killing, which I think is why I prefer them to the clean and shiny US  dramas. Nevertheless it has moments of humour, especially the relationship between the female Swedish detective and her male Danish colleague. His awkward grin when she decides to change her top in the middle of a busy office is priceless. As a character, Saga Norén seems to share a few characteristics with the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock. It goes without saying that she must be somewhere on the Autistic spectrum. Still, what with the stereotypical Swedish blonde looks, the leather trousers, the aforementioned social graces, the “not suffer fools gladly” attitude and her classic Porsche, what’s not to like?!

*UDPATE – I totally forgot about Wallander in my list of previous dramas.

UPDATE 2 – So, it is all over. I enjoyed it. Perhaps it got a bit far fetched at times. The two main characters seemed to do some kind of role reversal over time – one becoming more likeable, the other less so. The ending had a touch of Seven about it. I would certainly watch the next series.


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