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New Recording* #1

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Gramophone were not wrong in including this recording in their “Gramophone Choice” collection for May 2012. It is very exciting indeed. Well, especially, the Second Piano Concerto. Played by the wonderfully named Mahler Chamber Orchestra there are orchestral details which I have not heard so clearly before. Certainly the best I have known on recording or live.

I cannot say that I like the other works on the disc as much (the works themselves, not the performances) – the Concerto for Piano and Trumpet or the Violin Sonata. The latter is a fairly tough work – according to the pianist Melnikov in his programme notes:

“This music is as far from ‘easy listening’ as it gets.”

Nevertheless I am glad to have heard them again or for the first time in the case of the Sonata.

(* By which I mean a new recording to me, not necessarily a newly released one)


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