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Il pastor fido

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Or, The Faithful Shepherd.

(As usual, I am not equipped for music technique discussion – for that, see here and elsewhere).

According to iTunes, I have 8.2 days continuous play worth of Handel! Well, he wrote a lot of works. I like some of his early pieces – La resurrezioneDixit Dominus, Rinaldo to name a few – as much as I do his mature masterpieces. The opera in question, an early work also, is not their equal. However, I never lose the opportunity to hear a Handel opera new to me and there is not one that does not contain something memorable. Stand out arias are “Augelletti, ruscelletti”, “Lontan del mio tesoro”, “Caro Amor, sol per momenti” and “Occhi belli, voi sol siete”. I am glad to add it to the collection.


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