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Star Wars: The Old Republic #12 – LFG


I will preface this by saying that I still think this to be a great game. It is getting prompt updates and the promise of more soon. I will have plenty to do for the foreseeable future. Moreover, I am more favourably disposed towards the Star Wars universe than many people. I don’t understand the criticism levelled at Episodes I-III or the outrage at the slight changes made to the DVD versions of the original trilogy. In the end these are his creations – he can do what he likes with them! I can live with the minor game issues at this time: the lack of a combat log or the rather annoying change to the visual representation of ability cooldowns on the action bar.

But. I have said this before and my view hasn’t changed. Finding people for a flashpoint is needlessly hard! I have advantages over some players too. I am a healer and play on the supposedly more populous faction. I am not aware of having any kind of bad reputation! Yet, last night, at peak time, I was unable to find a group over the course of two or three hours. Which means that I returned to the Imperial Fleet twice in that period, did the usual “healer LFG The Red Reaper”, waited, waited some more, then gave up and went back to Corellia. The third time I tried, much later in the evening, I was successful but by this time I was tired and irritable, to the detriment of my enjoyment. Sounds trivial – and I suppose it is. But it feels like some weird “find a player” mini game has been built into the game, which you can only succeed in at times by sheer luck and perseverance. Like I say, it should not be this hard. I should not feel it a struggle just to find players to play with – I expect the instance you are about to do to provide the challenge!

I can honestly say that if I were playing as a DPS I think that I would not even bother looking. Yes, of course, there are guildmates – no good in last night’s example, as even though there were 20 people online there were none of the appropriate level. If you have real life friends you always play with, great – that is the best of all. But, at other times you need some kind of viable LFG system, because I am sure that this problem will bite me again. My point in the first paragraph was that because I am well disposed towards the game and its lore I will be continuing with it. But I would bet that for some people, multiple instances of the situation above could be enough for them to quit – WoW offers all that this game does and is more user friendly. I am sure that there is nobody who I know personally who plays or has played MMOs who would think that this is a fun thing to have to go through.


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