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The eponymous hero of this blog returns! I never thought the day would come when I would be playing WoW again. But I just had to try out the new content eventually – only a year late. So much has changed in my time away – a year and a half – that it is well on the way to being described as World of Warcraft 2. Nice touches like the character rolling up a map that you were just looking at or the vastly improved water graphics. My guild seems to be making great progress. Mind you, some of what is said here I agree with – I have been astonished at the rate of progress since the last patch, especially by essentially random groups of players. Either we were just rubbish back in the day or certain things are easier now!

As usual, I like to play any new races\classes for a few levels. Worgen – with their whole Victorian style city\costumes, complete with English accents – are great and the Goblin zone is just mad. See pictures for details (hmmm, forgot to turn the interface off for some of them). And, yes, I do play as a female. If you had to play for the number of hours that games like these demand, would you rather be staring at that avatar or the rear end of an orc?


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