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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim #1

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Having missed out on the previous games in the series I can say that this is one good game. Such an enormous world but the attention to detail is great. Already I have spent as many hours on it as I do most single player games, but I feel that I will be playing it a good while longer yet! Stylistically I like the whole Nordic setting – it sort of reminds me of what was my favourite content in World of Warcraft: Northrend.

UPDATE: level 15, 25 hours. As I am a magic user (I don’t even have a weapon) I have just finished the College of Winterhold questline – I am now the Arch-Mage! That region is just too snowy though – I can hardly see where I am going! A second battle with a dragon was a highlight too. There are incidental annoyances – perhaps the PC interface could be better or at least more customisable and the NPCs seem to go walkabouts just when I am looking for them. The range of animals and their behaviours is great but I think that there should be more types of humanoids to fight. But, overall, if anyone were developing a single player RPG for release anytime soon I would advise them to delay it – this will take some beating. I am constantly in awe of the graphics and the music has an understated, contemplative quality to it.


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