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7 thoughts on “Grrrrrr #1

    • Good to see they use the term “filthy rich”! I’ll have to make models quicker or this will turn into a political blog. Whoever said I could fill the “Rant” category quickly was right – I have to restrain myself!

  1. And, comparative tax rates are:
    Highest tax rates compared
    UK – 50%
    Top UK trading partners
    Netherlands – 52%
    Belgium – 50%
    Germany – 45%
    Italy – 43%
    Ireland – 41%
    France – 40%
    USA – 35%
    Spain – 27.13%
    Australia – 45%
    Japan – 40%
    Switzerland – 11.5%
    Source: HM Revenue & Customs 2009/OECD 2010

    These entrepreneurs the economists are so concerned for wouldn’t want to go to Spain (27%), I imagine, and I doubt whether Switzerland (11%) would want them…

    • So, the rate is not so very different from many of those countries. As you say, who thinks that Switzerland – kind of known for responsible and sober banking – wants our brand of gamblers? I never buy this argument that legions of these people will leave.

  2. Apparently, some of the hedge-fund crooks bailed out to Switzerland some time ago and presumably have been accepted, subject to good behaviour. That leaves the rest of the much-needed entrepreneurs here, unwilling to sacrifice their posh houses and their kids’ private schools and their wives’ fancy shops, etc. So, they sacrifice their employees’ well-being instead. Magic.

  3. Long live the revolution!

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