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Mk IV Male

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Emhar 1/35 kit.

The real number 102 Mark IV at Bovington:

Includes Accurate Armour track, WWI German posters, Aber barbed wire, Plus Model metal buckets and cans, Plus Model wooden barrels and Verlinden corrugated sheet iron.

This is probably my messiest model! The diorama is built with polystyrene, balsa wood, clay and polyfilla. The sand bags are moulded from clay. The water in the shell holes is Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. The ladder, duckboard, firing step, unditching beam and “knife rest” are scratch built. Weathering of tank with lamp black and raw umber oil paint\turpentine wash and Vallejo pigments.

I do not pretend that this scene is altogether realistic, but I supposed that all the items in the trench could possibly be there. Presumably some patriotic German has put the poster of Hindenburg on the corrugated iron, next to the map. I guess that all the Germans have abandoned the trench!

The calibre of the main gun is certainly wrong. I could not bear to use the plastic guns that came with the kit so had to use whatever hollow metal tube I had at the time.

However, all in all, I still like this one.


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