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New Conquerors


Finally, a new plastic 1/35 kit of the mighty Conqueror is coming. Well, two kits, it seems. One by Dragon and one by Amusing Hobby. There doesn’t seem a chance that I won’t be getting one of these – or both if they are equally good. I built the Accurate Armour one years ago – even with my lesser skills (I hope!) back then it built up into a impressive model. But, these days, I find all resin kits too much like hard work and, really, there is seemingly little that can’t be got in plastic nowadays.

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Mk IV “Male” build (Tamiya) – Part 2:Assembly

This fitted together perfectly and was quick to build (especially the tracks). In my experience, only the newer company Meng comes close to Tamiya in ease of construction.

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Mk IV “Male” build (Tamiya) – Part 1:Introduction

The vehicle


The Mark IV tank is distinguished as the first mass production British tank – some 1220 were made. Notable actions included the Battle of Cambrai in 1917 [1] [2].

The kit


Tamiya 1/35 kit [4] [5]. As can be seen on the box, this one includes a motor. I am not going to include it but it is a nice option I guess.

I will be titling this set of posts as “Mk IV build (Tamiya) …” to distinguish them from any I might have written about featuring the older Emhar kit (which I built a few years back) or the newly released Mk IV “Male” by Takom, which I might do in due course.


1. Great War Tank Mark IV Owners’ Workshop Manual, David Fletcher, Haynes Publishing, 2013 (link)

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Norfolk Tank Museum (2014)

We took a trip to Norfolk Tank Museum last  weekend. It’s a small, private collection of mostly British vehicles of the Cold War era, as well as numerous small arms. The full list of vehicles can be seen here, but the highlights for me were the Saladin, Centurion Mk 13, Centurion AVRE and Chieftain Mk 2/3, all in working order. The staff were keen and friendly. Alas, some of the vehicles kept outside were in worse shape, some of them seriously so. We were able to climb into the Chieftain turret. I must say that it was tight in there. I was in the commander’s seat – the all round view is great and, for me, it would be reassuring to be closest to one of the hatches! Not so good for the gunner or loader though. I may have a distinct preference for modelling tanks but I am not so sure that I would want to fight in a real one.

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WWI British Infantry


I recently got the new Tamiya British Mk IV Male tank, which looks pretty good to me and will be shortly be started. The box (the “export version” it says on it) also included their WWI British Infantry set. I thought I would have a go at one of them – the officer – first, since it is an age since I tried any figures. As such, I make absolutely no claims to be any good at this particular type of modelling. Anyway, assembly was straightforward – this being Tamiya the fit of parts was nigh on perfect. I made some changes from the recommended build – swapping his cap for a helmet and leaving off the  water bottle and bag.

Following a primer coat with Tamiya “Fine Surface Primer” (light grey) spray, I used the following paints:

  • Skin – Vallejo Model Color “Medium Fleshtone” 70860, followed by Vallejo Model Color “Flat Flesh” 70955 on the raised areas (bridge of nose, lips, cheeks, outside of ears) and then a highlight of Vallejo Model Color “Basic Skintone” 70815 on top of that. Vallejo Model Color “Light Flesh” 70928 (eyes). Vallejo Model Color “Flat Earth” 70983 (moustache and eyebrows).
  • Uniform (trousers and jacket) – Vallejo Model Color “English Uniform” 70921. Buttons by Vallejo Model Color “Old Gold” 70878. Dry brushed with Vallejo Model Color “Khaki Grey” 70880.
  • Uniform (shirt and tie) – Vallejo Model Color “Khaki” 70888 (shirt) and Vallejo Model Color “Olive Grey”70888 (tie).
  • Helmet (bare) – Vallejo Model Color “Olive Grey” 70888. Vallejo Model Color “German Cam. Black Brown” 70822 was applied with a sponge to simulate areas of slight paint chipping. Dry brushed with Games Workshop “Boltgun Metal”.
  • Leather belt/straps – Vallejo Model Color “Leather Brown” 70871.
  • Leather boots – Vallejo Panzer Aces “Leather belt” 312. Dry brushed with Vallejo Model Color “Saddle Brown” 70940.
  • Leather gloves – Vallejo Model Color “Leather Brown” 70871. Dry brushed with Vallejo Panzer Aces “Leather belt” 312.
  • Baton – Vallejo Panzer Aces “New Wood” 311. Staining with Winsor and Newton “Burnt Umber” oil paint.
  • Pistol – Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950. Dry brushed with Games Workshop “Boltgun Metal”.

The base was primed and then treated several times with Games Workshop “Astrogranite” texture paint. Following attachment of the figure, I initially painted the base with Vallejo Model Color “Flat Earth” 70983, followed by Tamiya XF-52 “Flat Earth” (25% paint in Tamiya X-20A thinner).

I’m quite happy with the skin tone. The eyes look a bit scary to me! Some of the very fine details (the braid on the jacket) was not too well defined once the base coat was on (it was sort of visible when I dry brushed it), so I thought it best not to try to guess where it was. I am sure that my camera is not up to properly taking shots of miniatures this small. One day perhaps I will do the rest.



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