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Mk I “Female” (Somme 1916) build – Part 4:Weathering

  • I tend not to try any paint chipping effects on a model in this scale, so straight to the pin wash with AK Interactive “Wash for DAK Vehicles” (AK066).
  • Application of AK Interactive “Streaking grime for DAK vehicles” (AK067), AK Interactive “Rust streaks” (AK013) and AK Interactive “Fresh Mud wash” (AK016) on vertical surfaces.
  • Dry brushing of Lifecolor rust paints on the grenade screen and Games Workshop “Boltgun metal” on the raised edges of the tracks and the machine guns.
  • AK Interactive “Fresh mud” (AK016) was flicked from a brush end onto various parts of the vehicle to attempt the effect of splashed mud.

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Mk I “Female” (Somme 1916) build – Part 3:Painting

The artwork shows a complicated four colour scheme (presumably the type mentioned here). I freely admit to finding these  types of schemes – to the extent that I have tried them – difficult! It doesn’t help that the suggested colours do not appear to be the same as the colours in the image. So, I decided to wimp out for a model of this scale and following the quote in the Wikipedia reference (“In late 1916, the Solomon scheme was abandoned and tanks were painted with a single shade of dark brown.“) I went with the below colours.

Primer: Tamiya “Fine Surface Primer” (white) spray can

Base coat (tank and grenade screen): A mixture of 90% Tamiya acrylics (XF-49 “Khaki” (80%) and XF-57 “Buff” (20%)) and 10% Tamiya X 22 Clear in Tamiya X-20A thinner (2:1 paint mixture to thinner).

Base coat (steering tail):  A mixture of 90% Tamiya XF-63 “German Grey” and 10% Tamiya X-22 Clear in Tamiya X-20A thinner (2:1 paint mixture to thinner).


  • Machine guns: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Front lights: Games Workshop “Mithril Silver”
  • Tracks: Vallejo Panzer Aces “Track Primer” 304

The paint was protected with a layer of Humbrol Clear gloss varnish and then Citadel Purity Seal satin varnish.

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Mk I “Female” (Somme 1916) build – Part 2:Assembly

The instructions and artwork show the tank without the mesh part of the grenade screen. But, really, the brass part is too nice to leave off.

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Mk I “Male” (Somme 1916)

British Army,  Battle of Flers–Courcelette (part of the Battle of the Somme), September 1916

Mk I “Male” (Somme 1916) build – Part 1:Introduction
Mk I “Male” (Somme 1916) build – Part 2:Assembly
Mk I “Male” (Somme 1916) build – Part 3:Painting
Mk I “Male” (Somme 1916) build – Part 4:Weathering


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